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The Idea Becomes More Real!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Years of planning have now lead to just months, and the initial meeting with Children's Clinics Adaptive Recreation

Meeting today with (L-R) Joseph Luevano, Gemma Thomas, and Jared Perkins - the Administrative team for Children's Clinics Adaptive Recreation Program.

Now it becomes official!

While my dream to ride across the country has been something planning in my head for over a decade, it was about three years ago that I decided that if I didn't choose a date, it would never happen. After a few delays already, and monitoring average weather patterns to choose the best date to depart, My Daughter, Peggy's graduation from Law School here at the UofA (#BearDown) set the date at May 18! So exciting to be just months away!

For some time I knew I would want to ride in support of Children's Clinics - so this meeting was to share the basics of the trip and the potential fundraising and networking opportunities. We are so excited - and my contacts with breweries along Route 66 has begun!

Here is a synopsis of my trip!

When: Departing Santa Monica Pier (Beginning of Route 66) on May 18, 2020

The Route: Keeping to Historic Route 66 as safely possible. Santa Monica to Chicago, continue East along pathways that parallel the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence waterway towards Buffalo, New York, then traversing to Boston.

Distance: Approximately 3,160 miles

Number of total States: 13 States

Estimated time to complete: Approximately 6-8 weeks, ending early/mid July.

Average miles per day: ~60

Fundraising Opportunities: Stops at breweries/taprooms (currently contacting)

Number of Breweries/Taprooms: 40+ between Santa Monica and Chicago

Media: Social and beyond (reaching out to local first, late April, early May)

Kick-off Event(s): Catalina Brewing Company + others

Dedicated Blog Page: (final stages pre-publish)

Dedicated FaceBook Page: TwoWheelsCarryTheSoul

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