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The packing

This first picture shows the panniers I am attaching to my bicycle for my route 66 trip. Not included is the contents of my small frame bag, which include backup batteries and cables to connect to my pedal cell generator and a space for miscellaneous odds and ends. The initial weight of these bags- which does not include food nor water- weighs in at just under 35 lb! The two panniers at the top of the image are my front panniers, with the rear panniers below. In between them, my tent poles, chair, and Tool pouch will be strapped to the top of the rack.

Fully opened, you get to see the complexity, for which organization is paramount. Clockwise from the bottom right, you'll see my shelter/bedroom, with my kitchen in the lower left. Food and camp clothes in upper-left (will be wearing camp clothes, thus leaving a single bag to hang/secure with food). Finishing in the upper right with tain gear and additional clothing (separated by use, ie, warmth, cycling, reg clothes).

Organizing in this way, as I've already mentioned, allows me to grab one bag secure food, when I arrive to a campsite and weather is looming, I can grab one bag and immediately have the tent and sleeping situated. The kitchen as well... a place for everything, and everything in its place!

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