This page will be focusing on gear/bikes *that I use*. I'm not a paid reviewer - these are my experiences with products, and hopefully my reviews can help guide your path. These are not "the best" - something may be a favorite, of mine, but that does not make it the best. A default of this format is that I will not have any "bad" reviews... back to point number one - these are products that *I use*. If it's a bad product for me, then I don't use it. It won't get a review. This isn't about harshness or negativity. That said, in my review of a product, I may have suggestions - but these are suggestions already mentioned to the manufacturer (not airing dirty laundry here). So feel free to send me comments and suggestions. I will respond to each. Again, my whole goal with this portion of my page is to help you along your path by sharing in mine. Rock and Roll!